Visit North Korea without Worries through this App

Ever wondered how North Korea looks like? It is the most secretive country in the world and only a few are given access to this country. Most people are actually afraid to visit this country.

If you are curious but are too scared to travel to this country, you can now view it through a travel app called North Korea Travel. This is a travel app that promises “visitors” unmatched access to the hermit kingdom.

It may be one of the most restrictive destinations in the world but it is surprising to know that there are around 6,000 Western visitors to this East Asian country every year. The country is largely off limits to journalists and it is impossible to visit without a government endorsed tour guide. This is the reason why one start up is hoping to shed new light on this country by launching this travel app.

The app claims that it will feature never-before-seen photos. It will also include the experts’ different perspectives on the daily life and culture of North Korea. It is the first of its kind and it includes thousands of original photographs and comprehensive information about the country’s main attractions. It also includes a phrase book. It will also give you helpful advice should you want to take a trip to the country.

The app has not been endorsed by the country’s authorities. It was produced by Magora Systems, a Russia-based company.

The North Korea Travel App uses geo-tagged destinations by Curtis Melvin, an imagery expert in North Korea satellite. His works have received such a high level of media attention because he was apparently banned from North Korea.

The app will offer insider information about different locations. Destinations include Ryongmun Cavern where apparently, rocks that look like genitalia can be found. Another destination is the Youth-hero highway which is the emptiest highway in the world. Let’s not forget the Rajin Zoo which carries the dubious title of being the world’s worst zoo.

The app contains 350 locations. These are all open to tourists and users are encouraged to learn about the history of the country. They can also build custom itinerary and booking trips if they do decide to visit the country in the future.

The app will tell you what to see, where to eat and drink in this mostly off-limits country.

Each location comes with tour guide tips from Simon Cockerell, manager of Koryo Tours. He has led tours around North Korea for the past decade.

Tourism in North Korea

There is an increase interest to travel to the country. High profile visitors such as Dennis Rodman have caused a spike in media coverage. All this while the country’s government continues to toy with the idea of foreign tourism.

Last October, North Korea opened its first ski resort. This April, a marathon in Pyongyang was the first to be opened to foreign runners.

The app is now available for download on both iOS and Android devices.