Vehicle Tracking Apps

Use your phone or tablet to track your vehicles. Here are some of the most popular apps in the market.



MyCarTracks is a revolutionary way to track your fleet, vehicle or employees and their trips. Vehicle owners, business owners, companies and fleet managers are efficiently tracking and managing their resources with the use of this app. This app has been downloaded more than 80,000 times and thousands of users just love this service.

This is the only app that has intelligent battery-friendly Auto Start feature. You can start it and forget about it. It will automatically record every track throughout the day.

The traditional approach to vehicle or fleet tracking involves installing a GPS unit such as a blackbox and a mileage logger to the vehicles. MyCarTracks breaks that tradition. It uses your android device (tablet or phone) that you or your employees are carrying every time you drive a vehicle or work outside the office. It’s so easy to use. Just install the app and you turn your device into a GPS tracking unit with much more advantages than other GPS tracking systems.

This mileage tracker sends data to their website where they are securely saved on the cloud. Track your vehicle’s routes or position  or fleet location on a map. You can then generate reports that can be used to optimize your time and costs and even use for tax purposes.

You can record GPS tracks and visualize them on a world map while watching live performance stats. You can control distance in km or miles, routes, stop times, drive times, etc.

The app features AUTO RECORDING so you can start tracking and minimize the app. It will automatically recognize that you are moving and records throughout the day. Don’t worry, this feature has advanced move detection that doesn’t eat up your battery life like other trackers do.

Share your cars and tracks with other people. They can also watch your actual ride in real time. If you need to track your fleet location on a map in real time, just share one account to all devices. Now you have a great fleet management system.

Create vehicles on your master android phone and share them among other android phones in your company.

MyCarTracks is free forever. You can use its features, track and store recorded data on your phone or PC, export reports or view them on other software such as Google Earth. You can also store them on the cloud for 2 weeks.

If you need advanced features and longer storage, fees start from 0.67 EUR per vehicle.



FollowMee converts your tablet or smartphone into a GPS tracking device. Install this app and it quietly records its locations periodically using GPS, WiFi or cellular triangulation. It then uploads the data to a secure server. If you want to monitor the location of your tracked device, just log on to their website either on a mobile device or desktop PC. You can track your children’s movements, follow family members or employees. You will also be able to locate lost or stolen devices.


Free Location Monitor

It’s free to track your devices. Just go to their website and start tracking. A 7-day history is maintained for the paid GPS tracker app in deluxe or standard editions. If you are using the free edition, you can only view the current location. A 45 or 90-day history is available for the paid version.

Track Multiple Devices

Track several devices in your account. All devices are shown in the same place.

Real Time Update

You can get location data service for your device in real time on their website. This feature is not available for WiFi-only tablets like Nexus 7, Kindle Fire, WiFi iPad, etc.

Vehicle Tracking Device

You can have a full-time tracking device for your vehicle. Tracking starts when the car moves and pauses when the car stops. This feature is available on the Deluxe Edition.

Opt-in Sharing

Publish your tracks through URLs or downloadable KML files. Embed tracks in your own website or even Facebook page.


Receive email notifications when your tracked device goes into a geo-fence or exits it. Use this function to alert you when your child gets home or arrives in school. You can set up geo-fencing in their website.

Downloadable Reports with Mileage

Download your tracks in Excel or HTML format. You can even include mileage calculation.

Always On

Once you start the app, the GPS Tracker continues to run, even after the phone reboots. It will run quietly in the background. It requires no human interaction. If you force quit it on iOS7, it cannot restart itself.

Low Battery Consumption

This app is designed to conserve your battery life. It does not drain your phone’s battery.

No Internet Contingency

All data is uploaded to a secure server. When Internet is temporarily unavailable, your data is cached in the iPhone. It will resume uploading when the Internet is available again.


You can track the whereabouts of your husband or wife, kids and other family members.

You can locate your employees and monitor their daily activities.

You can track your car, boat or fleet of vehicles.

Install this app in your device so that you can record your daily tracks. You can also allow other people to locate you.

You can also track your walking, running, biking or hiking. You can publish your tracks and share them with friends.

You can locate lost or stolen devices.

Supported Devices

  • Android phones and tablets (Android 2.3 and up)
  • Apple iPhone, iPad (iOS 4 and up)
  • Amazon Kindle Fire (2nd gen Kindle Fire, HDX, HD)
  • Blackberry (classic 4, 5, 6, 7 and 10)
  • Windows Phone 8
  • Windows tablets, laptops (Windows 8 Pro and 8 RT)

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