Trade in Your Original Google Glass for the Newest Model

A new version of Google Glass will launch in November and Google has announced that Glass Explorers (people who use the device) can trade in their current models for the new one. 

For those not familiar with it, it is basically a wearable computer. Glass Explorers only have a one-time chance to exchange their existing Glass but only those who purchased Glass before October 28, 2013 are eligible.

The hardware update will make it more wearable for people who already wear glasses. It will use prescription frames and future lines of shades. A mono earbud will also be included in the set.

Explorers will have 60 days to register for the exchange after they are notified in November. They can also opt to change the colour of their device.

The company will also offer Glass to any of the Explorer’s three friends. They will have the opportunity to invite 3 friends to join the program. They will be able to buy online and have the device shipped to their home, whether it’s an igloo or a tree house. Google says they are counting on their Explorers to find people who will make great Explorers.

Current Glass

The current model consists of a screen that sits above the wearer’s right eye. It also includes a battery and a panel that allows users to swipe through the display on the screen. For the wearer, the display looks like a 25” screen. Its main disadvantage is that it looks a bit weird.

What it does

When you say “take a picture”, the device will automatically take a picture. You can record videos hands-free. You can also share what you see in real time. If you get lost, no problem. You can have the right directions in front of you. If you want to send a message, simply talk. You can ask whatever is on your mind. You have the power of Google search right in front of you. The difference is you don’t need to type. Just ask out loud and Glass will answer your question.

Find yourself in a foreign land? Speak like the locals with Glass. It can translate your voice into different languages. For some information such as flights, etc. you don’t need to ask. You’ll get the information that you need right away.

Glass is strong and light and has an evolutionary design. You can also get it in a myriad of colors. There’s shale, sky, cotton, tangerine and charcoal.