The Greatest Threat to UK Businesses

Did you know that only 4% of UK businesses are equipped with information security functions that fully protect their valuable data? The common reason why companies are not properly equipped is budget constraints. Another reason is the lack of skilled resources. Some 28 percent said that they lack executive awareness or support.


Cyber attacks are rampant in any country. In the UK, more than 50% of organisations said that they do not have the capability to assess the impact a cyber attack brings to their companies. The number of security breaches is rising but organisations fail to put a proper security system in place because of the above reasons.

The Reality

The reality is that, for these business owners, it is no longer an issue of whether they will be attacked but when will it happen. They also need to identify if they have already fallen victim to these threats.

What to do

These businesses must have a more proactive way of thinking. It must come from top management down to the lowest ranks. Employees must be made aware of the different kinds of attacks. Companies with a bring-your-own-device policy should also make stricter rules. All smartphones, tablets and laptops that access the company’s system must at least have anti-malware software installed. Employees must be educated on the different kinds of cyber attacks. These attacks are not limited to computers and laptops. Even smartphones and tablets are vulnerable.

Upper management must make an effort to raise the budget for information security. Most companies don’t see this as a priority but if a criminal gets hold of sensitive data, it can be the start of a company’s downfall. Some companies don’t even recover from this kind of attack.

More resources should be devoted to innovating security solutions. The IT department should keep up with the times. They should have weekly reviews to determine the new threats in the industry. This new information should be communicated to the entire office.

Companies can also bring in an expert to assess their current situation. This person will identify key areas that are vulnerable. He can suggest ways on how to improve the current security system. He can also identify protocols that are no longer fit for the current times.

A cyber attack can be devastating to both company and clients. If a client’s information is stolen, this will be an added problem to the organization. They may face legal actions that may result to thousands of pounds paid to clients. Therefore, any organization, big or small, should plan to protect their assets from these kinds of criminals.