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Digital Documents Just Got Better

Automating your document workflow is not new. There are many devices now that take care of this. There are multifunction printers that copy, scan, print and even send and receive fax and email. Remember the time when you needed several machines to finish one task? First you need to go to the photocopier to make a duplicate of your document. Then you need to go to the fax machine to send it to your client. Finally, you go to the scanner to have an electronic copy to be able to email it to your partners abroad. With an MFP, you save time and money.

Now imagine having that file you have in your hand as a digital file and when you open your file cabinet, you have other files like that as well.

Introducing the Mac File Folder. It looks like a regular folder on the outside but when you open it, it’s actually a tablet. It combines the functionality of both laptop and tablet. It’s very thin, just a few millimetres thicker than paper. It is solar powered so you never have to charge it. It will store all your contracts, budget reports, sales reports and anything else you need storing. It comes in a wide variety of colours so you can colour code your files. You can download apps according to your requirements. For accounting files, you can download an app to help you prepare the month’s budget in seconds. For sales, you can download an app that gathers all information from your social media account, sales reports and trends to help you prepare the next sales strategy.

Wouldn’t this gadget be handy? This file folder is not exactly available right now. Wait for around 10 years or so and you’ll probably see a beta version of it.

This is just one of the gadgets that the workplace of the future will need. What’s on your must-have list for your own office?

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