Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

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There is a new piece of gear in the market and perhaps it is a bit ambitious. It is the Samsung Galaxy Gear, the newest smart wrist piece hoping to take on Sony’s SmartWatch 2.

This device is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, and Galaxy Note 2. There will be an incoming software update to make it compatible with the S4 Mini, S4 Zoom, Active and even the Galaxy Mega 5.8 and 6.3.

It gives you the ability to take voice memos, read text messages and count your steps from your wrist. Are these features enough to justify its £299 price tag?

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The Galaxy Gear features an aluminium face with a rubber wrist-strap. It has a 1.63” screen. It is 11.1mm thick. It may be chunky for some especially for those who have a small wrist.

There is a wide range of colours to choose from – black, grey, beige, green, yellow and orange.

It fits securely on your wrist. It’s not waterproof though. It is splash proof meaning it can probably survive the shower but not a swim in the ocean.

You need the charging case to pair up this watch with your Galaxy device. You only need to pair up once but you do need the case to charge up your device.

Bluetooth is also available with a range of approximately 150 metres. The watch will alert you if you’ve gone too far from your phone.

So what is this phone’s purpose? Well, its main use is to notify you of what’s going on in your phone. You’ll be able to receive and reply text messages using S Voice. No preview is available for emails and Tweets. You will be told to check your phone instead.

gear 5You can take calls on this time piece. The call quality rivals that of a mobile phone. The loudspeaker is also good enough to use but then that can be embarrassing at times especially when you are in a crowded room. A good pair of Bluetooth headphones is better. It does work but you would feel rather weird taking calls from your watch. This is not a widely accepted technology yet so the people around you may look at you strangely.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear still has a long way to go. It needs a lot of improvements and features must be polished. So is the price tag worth it? Probably not this time around.