Hey, Mr. Postman!

Remember the time when you had to wait for the postman to arrive to send or receive an important document? What happens when the mail gets delivered late? Imagine what business owners had to go through back then. Thankfully, email was invented. We can now send and receive messages in lightning speed. Then smartphones became all the rage (well, they still are) and business owners couldn’t be happier because they can virtually take their offices anywhere. They can check their emails as long as there is an Internet connection available.

But, even with all this technology, sometimes an old-fashioned letter is still the way to go for some people. There are a few downsides though.  Old school letters require a pen and paper or computer and printer. You also have to go and post your letter. This is not exactly a very ideal situation for very busy people. So, why not add the magic of technology to a traditional method of sending letters? Introducing the Mr Postman app.

This new app was invented by the company Propeller Mobile. The app claims to help ‘digital natives’ bridge the generational gap with their parents and even grandparents.

Mr Postman allows you to send letters from your smartphone. This app was launched for iOS users. They can now send physical paper letters directly from their iOS device.

mr postman ui

You can write your letters on your iPad or iPhone. Of course, you type the text but the app lets you add a personal touch. You can use your finger to create your signature using the touchscreen.

Other apps only let you send post cards. This app is totally different. It allows you to send a formal hard copy paper letter to any organisation, business or person in the UK simply by writing the letter into your mobile device. After that, tap a few buttons and Mr Postman does the rest.

How it works

Write a letter using your iPhone or iPad. Sign it using your finger then address it properly. Send it through the UK Postal System.

The letter is then printed out on a standard 100 gsm A4 white paper that is posted on your behalf. So, you don’t need to go down to the local post office. Your paper letters sent straight from Mr Postman cost 98p for second class. For first class letters, they cost from £1.40. How do you pay for them? By PayPal, of course.  This is the easiest way to pay for your letters. All transactions are instantly paid using the world’s most popular way to pay.


Mr Postman is ideal for writing to the companies that you deal with on a regular basis. It is also ideal for writing complaints and campaigning. You can also make a fuss or send praise. You can also use this to notify your utility companies about your change of address.

You can give a reference or apply for a job using professional looking CV’s and application letters. If you are outside the UK, you can write a letter addressed to someone in the UK. This saves you a lot of money. Instead of sending international mail, you can send them locally with local rates even if you are outside the country.


You can readily use your personal contacts saved in your directory. You can find them in the Address Book section. You can also add new addresses to App Contacts or use a business address from a readily available selection of Businesses.

This app has built-in templates for popular letters. You can also create and save your own template in the My Templates section so you don’t have to start from scratch every time you need to send this kind of letter.

You also don’t need to write your signature every time you write a letter. Just sign once and then save it in the system.

The app notifies you when your letter has reached the UK postal system. You can review your previously sent letters in the History section. You can send first and second class letters.

The printed letters are inserted into C5 size window envelopes. The addressee details are visible. They are then franked and dispatched.

If you feel that Mr Postman is really useful, you can share it with your friends via email, Facebook or Twitter.


Aside from bridging the gap between the new and old generation, the Mr Postman app has several more benefits. If you are a very busy person who needs to send a lot of snail mail, this app will save you a lot of time. You don’t need paper, a printer and stamps. You don’t even need to go the post office. Mr Postman is the best postman you’ll ever have.

This app is perfect for people who still want to send traditional letters but want the convenience of today’s technology. It’s the perfect way to cut through all that digital overload and go ‘old school’. This is a great way to send letters to parents and grandparents. The new version even comes with a seasonal template which children can fill in with their Christmas wishes and send to Father Christmas.

The app also has other templates for business correspondence so users can quickly send professional-looking letters to banks, utility providers, building societies and local authorities. There’s even a template for complaining about potholes!

If you want your letters to stand out from the email crowd, this app is the way to go. You will surely impress your clients without spending a lot.

Please note that only letters addressed within the UK can be sent using this app.

This app is free to download from iTunes.

In a world where everything is digital and generic-looking, it’s still good to send and receive traditional letters. With this app, you can do that without all the old school hassles and even take advantage of technology. It’s fast, easy to use and efficient. It is the perfect companion to every busy businessman who wants the best of both worlds.