Drones to Replace Humans to Check Aircrafts

With travel becoming more and more affordable, more pressure is put on airlines to maintain their aircraft. They must ensure the safety of their passengers as well as their crew. Any airline company wants to avoid having the same fate as that of Malaysia Airlines MH370.

Humans are prone to errors especially if they are already tired and stressed. Pilots are not the only ones who get tired. Even the ground crew can be tired and make errors in checking an aircraft. Easy Jet now has a solution and that is to use drones to check their aircrafts. Pretty soon drones buzzing around parked airplanes will be a common sight. It also won’t be long before pilots start talking with engineers who are hundreds of miles away by using 3D virtual reality glasses.

These ideas are not farfetched. As a matter of fact, this is how Easy Jet will be maintaining their fleets of airplanes very soon. They are looking to introduce drone technology as early as next year. The drones will help the engineers inspect the 220 Airbus aircrafts of the company for faults. This is a process which can take a day or more when done the old fashioned way. By using drones, the inspection can be cut down to just a couple of hours.

The airline says that they will test the drones first over the next few months. They also expect to improve their accuracy when performing aircraft checks by using these robots. They have demonstrated how they plan to use new technology to improve their efficiency. They also expect to save money in the process, which is something all airlines want to achieve.

Not just drones

Drones are just the beginning. The cockpits of Easy Jet airplanes will all be fitted with Sony tablets by the end of the month. Management says this move is to cut down on the amount of paperwork the crew have to transport.

They hope to become a paperless aircraft. The rewards are pretty high if they achieve this goal because log books are heavy to lug around during trips. For every kilo of weight that they take off a fleet of airplanes, the company will save $20,000 per year in fuel costs.

According to Easy Jet’s chief executive Carolyn McCall, they have already examined and assessed different cutting edge technology across many industries and are now applying a range of these new technologies to their company for the first time. This is to help them run their fleet of planes more effectively.

About EasyJet

Easy Jet is a British airline carrier founded in 1995. It is based at the London Luton Airport. It is the largest airline in the UK by number of passengers carried. They are operating on domestic and international scheduled services on over 600 routes in 32 different countries. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange. As of September 30, 2013, the company has 8,300 employees based throughout Europe. The majority is based in the UK. Their airplanes are known for their signature bright orange colours.

The company has been experiencing rapid growth and expansion since its birth that is why this new way of checking aircrafts comes as no surprise. We can expect more things from this airline in the coming years.