Control Your Tablet Using Your Eyes with this Tool

Do you prefer using tablets over laptops? Do you use it for work, entertainment or both? With all those activities going on in your tablet, does your tablet end up with finger smears at the end of the day? What if we told you that you no longer have to use your fingers to work or play on your tablet?

During the Techcrunch expo held in Berlin, a company called The Eye Tribe has unveiled a new gadget that will make you control your tablet using just your eyes. The company is based in Copenhagen. They have invented a clip-on gadget that they hope to be a must-have for every tablet or touchscreen device owner.

You can connect the Eye Tribe device via a USB 3 connection. It hooks to your tablet and instantly allows you to control the different functions in your device using your eyes’ movements.

How it works

According to Sune Alstrup Johansen of The Eye Tribe, the device tracks exactly the point on the screen you are looking.  Not only that. The device does this very fast and very accurately.

Eye tracking features already come as a standard on some devices in the market even though the technology is still far from being commonplace. Johansen predicts that in 5 years, this technology will be available in most mobile devices.


This eye-tracking device costs $99. You need to pre-order it from the company.

Our thoughts

Technology is going at an amazing rate. Every day we wake up to new inventions, new innovations, new versions of our tablets, smartphones and laptops. As this is a new innovation, we can expect to see bugs in the system. There will also be limitations. Another question is, is it compatible with all tablets in the market or do we need a special tablet to make it run? As different tablets have different speeds and capacities, will the device run smoothly on every single one of them? Does the device have its own power supply or battery or does it rely on the tablet? If so, will it make the tablet’s battery life significantly shorter?

More importantly, do we really need such a device? Technology is great but isn’t this bordering on laziness? We’re sure it has a lot of useful applications especially for disabled persons but for people who have both arms present, is this gadget really necessary?

Only time will tell if this gadget will be popular. For that price, it’s also not bad to give it a go.